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Please Note: Our hosting company (ServeLink) deleted our entire products database and our site crashed.  The only version of the site that we had a full database backup of was from 2 years ago. Therefore, all the pricing on this site is incorrect.  Please refer to your dealer price book for current pricing. 

We are not fixing this site since we have been planning our new WordPress based site for many months and are less than three weeks before we make it live.

We apologize for any issues this may have caused.


Gatchell Violins (GVC) is committed to the idea that every beginning student must have an instrument that can help them learn how to play. Developing students need quality step up instruments that will enable mastery of skills and techniques. Advanced players need a wide selection of quality instruments with different attributes in order to connect with the instrument so that both the player and instrument can reach their potential. GVC offers our dealers across N. America affordable instruments that meet these demands at every level.

Although this site is primarily a resource for our dealers, please feel free to contact us for a dealer closest to you.



Our Company

Our owner and founder is Allen Gatchell. He has been classically trained in the art of violin making and today spends most of his time traveling the world looking for exceptional makers that offer our dealers great instruments at every price point. Allen not only reviews the methods, but also the material and skill of the craftsman. He has a keen eye for the fine hand-work and quality materials that go into making an excellent instrument. Once he finds a maker whose shop consistently delivers exceptional instruments, he tests them in two retail locations. He also reaches out to teachers, students, players, and other makers to get their opinions. When an instrument is well received, it is added to our offering.

Please explore our site, we are sure you will not be disappointed with what you find here.