Master Makers in Europe and China

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Master Makers in Europe and China

Master Makers in Europe and China

Master Makers in Europe and China

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Gatchell Violins Company

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All Violins

We have traveled all over the world to find an excellent group of quality shops that make instruments by hand with well aged and high quality materials…

All Violas

A wide selection of Violas. From Fine and Rare instruments to affordable student Violas…

All Cellos

From very Fine Celli to afordable student instruments, we have a large stock of Cellos to choose from…

All Basses

One of the largest bass selections in the country. Most are setup and ready to play…

All Bows

We offer bows of exceptional value to players at all levels. H. Luger is our line of student and entry level bows. One step up from there is our Hermann Luger line of bows. Next is the Master series bow also by Hermann Luger. For Carbon Fiber we offer the GVC line with three levels…

All Cases

Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass cases in stock! GVC, Composite, Carbon Fiber, Flight, Shaped, Oblong, D shape, Half moon, Double, quad cases and much more…

All Accessories

Large selection of accessories

Welcome to
Gatchell Violins Company

Gatchell Violins (GVC) is committed to the idea that every beginning student must have an instrument that can help them learn how to play. Developing students need quality step up instruments that will enable mastery of skills and techniques…

Our owner and founder is Allen Gatchell. He has been classically trained in the art of violin making and today spends most of his time traveling the world looking for exceptional makers that offer our dealers great instruments at every price point…