H. Luger C700 Cello


Just like the C700 violin, the C500 cello has many upgraded features at a great price point. This is a fully hand carved instrument finished in a warm hand rubbed oil varnish with slight antiquing. This adds to its natural beauty as well as its tonal qualities. All tone wood is very well aged, figured, and flamed. The fittings and accessories are all premium ebony, and the pegs have Parisian eyes. This instrument has a big full sound and is very easy to play. It is sure to be a favorite with your customers. For shops that prefer to do their own setup work, order this cello without a setup. For those who want to receive the instrument ready to play, select the setup option you prefer.
This cello does not come with a bag or bow, so if one is needed, please select from the options available.



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3/4, 4/4


3C-E with Evah Pirazzi & CFTP Professional, 3C-E with Evah Pirazzi & CFTP Standard, 3C-ES with Evah Pirazzi & CFTP Professional, 3C-ES with Evah Pirazzi & CFTP Standard, 3C-F Factory strings & TP, 3C-FN Factory Pegs, Bridge & TP, 3C-H Helicore & CFTP Standard, 3C-H with Helicore & CFTP Professional, 3C-K with Kaplan & CFTP Professional, 3C-K with Kaplan & CFTP Standard, 3C-PRE Prelude & CF TP, 3C-PRO Pro Arte & CFTP Professional, 3C-PRO Pro Arte & CFTP Standard, 3C-S with Spirocore & CFTP Professional, 3C-S with Spirocore & CFTP Standard


FITC0 CB100C & CBB25, FITC1 CB200C & CBB25, FITC1X CB200C & CCB-CFX, FITC2 CB200C & CBB30, FITC3 CB200C & CPB35, FITC4 CB200C & CPB40, FITC5 CS007C & CPB35, FITC6 CS007C & CPB40, FITC7 CS008C & VPMB, FITC8 CS008C-CF & VPMB, None


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