KCC R32A Viola


Shown above with the optional special antiqued finish – The R32A viola is a very special instrument. The superior material used in its making not only enhances its beauty, but also significantly eases playability while it increases projection and improves tonal quality. The tops of these violas are made from specially selected eight year loft seasoned fine grained German spruce. The back, sides and neck are made from highly flamed seasoned maple and the fittings are high quality German ebony. The fine craftsmanship and materials used in the making of these violas are incredible.



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15″, 16 1/2", 16″


4/4 only – Special Antiqued, Regular Antiqued Oil Varnish Finish


2A-D Dominant & CFTP Professional, 2A-D Dominant & CFTP Standard, 2A-E Evah Pirazzi & CFTP Professional, 2A-E Evah Pirazzi & CFTP Standard, 2A-F Factory Strings and TP, 2A-FN Factory Pegs, Bridge & TP, 2A-H Helicore & CFTP Professional, 2A-H Helicore & CFTP Standard, 2A-O Obligato & CFTP Profesional, 2A-O Obligato & CFTP Standard, 2A-PRE Prelude & CFTP, 2A-PRO ProArte & CFTP Professional, 2A-PRO ProArte & CFTP Standard, 2A-Z Zyex & CFTP Professional, 2A-Z Zyex & CFTP Standard


FITA0 CS001N & ABB25 (13" & 14" Only), FITA1 CS002A & ABB25, FITA2 CS001A & ABB25, FITA2X CS001A & ACB-CFX, FITA3 CS001A & ABB30, FITA4 CS001A & APB35, FITA5 CS001A & APB40, FITA6 CSOO8A-ADJ & APMB 4/4 Only, None


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