Stefan Petrov Viola SPA

Made with the finest materials and with a unique hand-rubbed oil varnish finish this instrument looks as great as it sounds. Petrov provides this viola in the following patterns: Amati, Guarneri, Guadagnini and Stradivari. Call to see what we have currently in stock.

All Stefan Petrov instruments come completely setup at no additional cost.



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15 1/2", 15 3/4", 15″, 16 1/2", 16″


2A-D Dominant & CFTP Professional, 2A-D Dominant & CFTP Standard, 2A-E Evah Pirazzi & CFTP Professional, 2A-E Evah Pirazzi & CFTP Standard, 2A-F Factory Strings and TP, 2A-FN Factory Pegs, Bridge & TP, 2A-H Helicore & CFTP Professional, 2A-H Helicore & CFTP Standard, 2A-O Obligato & CFTP Profesional, 2A-O Obligato & CFTP Standard, 2A-PRE Prelude & CFTP, 2A-PRO ProArte & CFTP Professional, 2A-PRO ProArte & CFTP Standard, 2A-Z Zyex & CFTP Professional, 2A-Z Zyex & CFTP Standard


FITA0 CS001N & ABB25 (13" & 14" Only), FITA1 CS002A & ABB25, FITA2 CS001A & ABB25, FITA2X CS001A & ACB-CFX, FITA3 CS001A & ABB30, FITA4 CS001A & APB35, FITA5 CS001A & APB40, FITA6 CSOO8A-ADJ & APMB 4/4 Only, None


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