Stefan Petrov Violin SPN

Stefan Petrov violins are replications of the old Italian masters in both look and feel. Very beautiful and detailed, a hand-rubbed antiqued oil varnish enhances the finest selections of spruce and maple. These instruments have a rich, powerful tone and excellent playability. Replications of the Italian masters – Guarnerius, Stradivarius, Guadinini, Amati.

All Stefan Petrov instruments come completely set up at no extra charge and include Vision strings.



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3/4, 4/4


1N-D Dominant & CFTP Professional, 1N-D Dominant & CFTP Standard, 1N-E Evah Pirazzi & CFTP Professional, 1N-E Evah Pirazzi & CFTP Standard, 1N-EG Evah Pirazzi & CFTP Professional, 1N-EG Evah Pirazzi & CFTP Standard, 1N-EGL Evah Pirazzi & CFTP Professional, 1N-EGL Evah Pirazzi & CFTP Standard, 1N-EL Evah Pirazzi & CFTP Professional, 1N-EL Evah Pirazzi & CFTP Standard, 1N-F Factory Strings & TP, 1N-H Helicore & CFTP Professional, 1N-H Helicore & CFTP Standard, 1N-N Pegs, Bridge & TP Only, 1N-O Obligato & CFTP Professional, 1N-O Obligato & CFTP Standard, 1N-OG with Obligato & CFTP Professional, 1N-OG with Obligato & CFTP Standard, 1N-OGL with Obligato & CFTP Professional, 1N-OGL with Obligato & CFTP Standard, 1N-OL Obligato & CFTP Professional, 1N-OL Obligato & CFTP Standard, 1N-PRE Prelude & CFTP, 1N-PRO Pro Arte & CFTP, 1N-V Vision & CFTP Professional, 1N-V Vision & CFTP Standard, 1N-Z Zyex & CFTP Professional, 1N-Z Zyex & CFTP Standard

Case & Bow?

FIT1X CS001N & VCB-CFX, FITN1 CS001N & VBB25, FITN10 CS008N & VPB35 4/4 Only, FITN11 CS008N & VPB40 4/4 Only, FITN12 CS008N & VPMB 4/4 Only, FITN2 CS001N & VBB30, FITN3 CS001N & VPB35 3/4 & 4/4 Only, FITN4 CS007N & VBB25 4/4 Only, FITN5 CS007N & VBB30 4/4 Only, FITN6 CS007N & VPB35 4/4 Only, FITN7 CS007N & VPB40 4/4 Only, FITN8 CS008N & VBB25 4/4 Only, FITN9 CS008N & VBB30 4/4 Only, None


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