KCC R32C Cello


The use of well seasoned and fine grained tone woods make this KCC R32C Cello and exceptional value. The superior materials used (eight year loft seasoned) enable the craftsman to put more effort into the detail of each KCC R32C cello made. This more detailed tonal work significantly increases the sound quality. The overall material and workmanship also increases the playability as needed for players that are advancing. They will find it take less effort to create the high quality sounds they are striving for. At the same time they will be encouraged to reach further and to develop new skills.

The tight even grained spruce used for the tops of this cello not only increases its sound quality and capabilities, but significantly adds to it exceptional beauty. The highly flamed maple back, sides and neck simply enhance this beauty.
The high quality German ebony fittings enhance overall reliability as greatly improves playability.


Additional information

Violin Size

4/4, 3/4, 1/2


Oil Varnish Finish, Special Antiqued Oil Varnish


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