Nicolas Parola NP30E Violin

  • Handcrafted using traditional methods
  • Finest loft-seasoned European tonewoods
  • Precise graduation
  • Gorgeous Italian oil finish
  • Classic antiquing
  • Ornate boxwood or ebony fittings
  • Rich, powerful tone
  • Wonderful playability



Nicolas Parola violins are fine, hand-crafted instruments. Each is made using traditional methods of violin making. If you visited the Nicolas Parola shop you would not see an automated production line churning out thousands of violins; instead, you would see true quality-oriented craftsmen paying careful attention to every detail. For the NP30E, only the best loft season European tonewoods are used. With an extraordinary Italian oil finish and classic antiquing, this instrument is a stand out in every way. The fittings are ornate boxwood or ebony. The result is a fine hand-crafted violin that exhibits exceptional beauty, wonderful playability, and a rich powerful tone. The NP30E exhibits exceptional handwork, precise graduation and are made with European tonewoods.

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Violin Size


Set Up

No Set Up, Set up

Violin Strings

Evah Gold, Gold Silk, Red Silk, No Strings, Prelude, Alphayue, Zyex, Helicore, Dominant, Obligato, Evah Pirazzi


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